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Grant County inmate records refer to documents containing information regarding offenders serving time in correctional facilities within Grant County, Oregon. These records comprise numerous documents, forms, DNA, evidence, and digital media, alongside other things related to the individual charged with a crime, convicted, sentenced, sent to jail, or supervised on parole or probation. Typically, these records contain personal and administrative details about the offender.

According to the Oregon Public Records Law, the general public and interested parties can access or obtain inmate records from record custodians upon request. At the state level, you can request these documents from the Oregon Department of Corrections. Ideally, the Grant County Sheriff’s Office is the chief custodian of inmate records and related files in Grant County, Oregon.

Inmate records are public records across the United States. They are therefore made available by traditional government agencies alongside authorized third-party websites. It is advisable to often rely on official websites for inmate searches since they offer the most accurate information. However, third-party organizations usually offer an easier search since they do not face geographical limitations. Information obtained through the latter may however vary from official channels.

When the police arrest you in Grant County, Oregon, you will be brought to the Grant County Jail, where you will stay until you are brought before a judge. Therefore, if you believe someone or a loved one has been arrested or convicted of a crime within Grant County, this correctional facility is the first place to search.

If you are trying to locate an inmate within Grant County Jail in Oregon, there are a few steps you can take to find the information you need.

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First, you can visit the Grant County Sheriff’s Office website. They have an online inmate roster that allows you to search for inmates currently housed within the jail.

If you are unable to find the information you need on the Grant County Sheriff’s Office website, you can also try calling the jail directly. The staff at the jail should be able to provide you with information on whether or not the inmate is currently being held there, as well as information on how to send mail or money to the inmate.

It is important to note that recently arrested and convicted inmates may not appear on the roster. It would be best to keep refreshing this tool or wait at least one week. You should also note that this tool may often be unavailable due to the temporary nature of the offenders. Therefore, if you cannot find your loved one on the database or need more information regarding an incarcerated loved one, call the jail at 541-575-1134 or the Sheriff’s Office at 541-575-1131. Remember, the jail staff will require you to give the offender’s name, ID, and other identifying details.

You can contact the Grant County Jail, Oregon, for inquiries about:

  • Finding Canyon City offenders and arrestees
  • Looking for criminal records
  • Conducting an inmate’s background check
  • Jail Visitation Hours
  • Contacting an Offender

Grant County Jail, Oregon

The Grant County Jail is situated in Canyon City, Oregon (Grant County’s county seat) at 201 S Humbolt, Canyon City, OR 97820. This jail is a correctional facility that promotes public safety by humanely and securely confining all legally committed to the jail’s custody. This facility’s foremost goal is the safety of the community, the staff, alongside the incarcerated individuals. To achieve the latter, all staff members undergo training and are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of professionalism while performing their duties.

This facility has been operating since 1997 with a capacity of 41 hard beds and the option of up to 7 temporary beds. On average, the jail’s daily inmate population rarely exceeds twenty adults in custody. Most offenders in this correctional facility are awaiting trial or bond. Some inmates serve short-term sentences (usually less than a year) for less severe crimes, such as misdemeanor offenses.

The facility houses inmates, including individuals awaiting trial or sentenced due to crime. The facility also has an extensive database on prison records, including sentencing, court documents, and criminal data.

The safety of the community, staff, and incarcerated are essential priorities for the facility. A necessary part of achieving this goal involves various measures such as:

  • Training all officers and staff members to act professionally.
  • Using awareness programs in helping to reintegrate prisoners into the community.
  • Ensuring that each inmate gets respectful and equal treatment to their counterparts.
  • Ensuring all guards and staff members have the right working conditions.
  • To implement the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 (PREA).

Address: 201 S Humbolt Canyon City, OR 97820
Phone: 541-575-1134

Detainee Privileges

Prisoners can also make collect phone calls or use the prepaid approach. However, the facility doesn’t provide a work-release program for its inmates. It also has a commissary, which helps run adult custody and recreation programs. Any adult in detention at the facility is also eligible for bail, which involves posting cash payments.
The correctional facility also realizes the importance of providing the right social environment to inmates. It includes both outdoor and indoor recreational resources. Therefore, one can easily gain access to the resources such as a:

  • Basketball court.
  • Library.
  • Television.
  • Ping Pong games.
  • A basic gym.

Inmates also have the privilege of attending major events such as funerals, visiting ill family members, and church events. However, the management team has strict regulations regarding when and who can participate in such circumstances.

Values and Detention Regulations

The facility also runs based on the national prison and correctional facility regulations. Each inmate at the facility has the right to contact their loved ones and visitation privileges. However, various limitations help to control the amount of these privileges.
The facility also runs based on various prison control values and measures, including:

  • Equality: each prison member deserves equal and fair treatment when detained at the facility. The inmate can raise any complaints by contacting their management or filing a legal complaint.
  • Professionalism: the facility also has the ethical responsibility of handling each inmate based on the accepted prison standards. Each correctional officer has to conduct themselves in a manner acceptable in any other public facility.
  • Correctional excellence: the facility also rehabilitates and detains inmates from learning from their mistakes. The disciplinary approach also involves various awareness and empowerment programs.
  • Reinvention: the prison also seeks new measures and ways to provide better services to inmates and the community. It’s a process that includes state recommendations and those from the community.

How to Send Mail

When sending mail to Grant County jail, you must include the sender’s name and mailing address in the top left section of the envelope or postcard. In addition, you must address your mail as follows:

Inmate’s First and Last Name

205 South Humbolt

Canyon City, OR 97820

You should remember that failing to include your return address will lead to your mail not being delivered to the intended recipient. If you mail anything other than a letter or postcard, it will not be delivered to an inmate. Some prohibited items include musical greeting cards, news clippings, crayons, felt tips or painted drawing, stamps and stickers, and altered mail, including lipstick, covered or perfumed. When sending publications such as books, magazines, and newspapers, you must mail them directly to the facility from a known source such as Books-A-Million, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Moreover, any publication you send containing any weapons, pornography, profanity, or any other adult content will be destroyed by the facility staff.

Visiting an Inmate

Inmates at Grant County are entitled to one hour of onsite and video weekly visitation. Visiting takes place from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am-9.00 pm, while on the weekends, the visits are from 7.30 am-2.30 pm. You must fill out an application before visiting a loved one in the facility for approval. You must submit a background check during the application, and if you have an outstanding warrant, your visit may be canceled. In addition, your visit may be denied if you are a co-defendant with the offender in a pending case. The facility limits the number of people that can visit an offender to two adults each visit. During the visiting day, you must arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for the inspection of contrabands. You must produce a legal ID, while minors should be in the company of a parent or a legal guardian.

You must register and sign up for a visitation account with CIDNET Video Visitation Service to conduct the video visitation. You should keep in mind that the visit will be recorded; therefore, you are advised never to discuss a pending case, as anything you say may be used against an inmate in court. Moreover, the CIDNET may collect voice prints for a database they may share with different law enforcement agencies.

Inmate Phone

Inmates at Grant County jail can call their family members and friends during the scheduled time. The facility uses CIDNET as the service provider for inmate phone communication. You should keep in mind that the jail staff records all calls, and therefore you should never discuss any pending case, as anything you say may be used against an inmate in a court of law.


The Grant County Jail provides a commissary for Adult in Custody (AIC) inmates to purchase essential items at a nominal markup in price. This commissary is crucial in keeping AIC programs and recreation going. AICs with money on their accounts can buy snack food items, hygiene supplies, envelopes and postage, phone data, and other essential items. To put money on an AIC’s account, you can bring in or mail cash, money orders, or bank cashier’s checks in any amount up to $1000 dollars. Personal checks up to $20 per week are also accepted. PayPal payments are also an option, and you can send money to [email protected] from your account, making sure to include the AIC’s name in the notes.

AICs have access to phones in their living areas and can make prepaid calls. However, the staff will not allow AICs to use the county’s phone or deliver messages to them. Data can be purchased through a kiosk in the AICs’ dayroom, which they can use for phone calls, messaging, and video visiting. You can also create an account on the vendor’s website.

AICs may receive personal mail, but packages are not allowed. Magazines, newspapers, and books mailed by the publisher or commercial book store may be approved, and you should contact a sergeant for pre-approval. If you have any questions, you can call the on-duty Jail Sergeant at 541-575-1134 or email staff at [email protected]. The Grant County Jail’s AIC commissary provides essential items and services to AICs while in custody, helping them to maintain a sense of normalcy and dignity during their stay.