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Help stop crime in Grant County

Safety and security in your community


Who Dunnit?

This page gives the public a chance to aid and assist us in any information to help solve a crime or issue. It also gives us an opportunity to have extra eyes and ears in the field...

Check in to the website frequently for status updates on this matter.

We will post pertinent details if crimes are committed so that we can get your help tracking down the criminals.

Click here for a list of SOLVED cases

No one should attempt to make an arrest or contact people who might be involved in criminal activity. Please call or contact the Grant County Sheriff and give us what information you have.

Grant County Sheriff's Office takes pride in the delivery of security to its citizenry to maintain a peaceful community.

Our staff and deputies take pride in their work and strive to deliver the highest quality service possible in Grant County.

In our offices and jails, Grant County promises the best care and compassion in order to preserve the service we provide.